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We have created an inclusive business loan for companies who want to grow, have been struggling in the pandemic, have been rejected by banks or have received bad loan terms. Ponture inclusive loan is cheaper, faster, more flexible and more accessible. With guarantee from the EU.

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Equal access to financing for everyone

We have over 30 years of combined experience from the financial market and we are 100% dedicated to help entrepreneurs get access to the best financing.

Our goal is to make business loans cheaper, faster, more flexible and more accessible for micro- and small businesses who otherwise are underserved by the banks and other financial institutions.

Ponture AB is registered at the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen).

The European Investment Fund backs Ponture

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Fair and transparent business loan terms

Our Inclusive Business Loan with EU guarantee

Up to 50% lower interest rate

Guaranteed by the European Investment Fund

12 month grace period

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Ponture is a company which is a big help when it come to financing for instance bank contact, bank services and etc. Their business model is perfect for small businesses. Ponture gets a kickback from their lenders so for the customers it becomes completely free.

Strongly recommended, personal service, free. Cannot get better than this.

(Text translated from Swedish)

Anton Bashmakov
Lavia AB


Choose the right type of financing for you

Do you need to get a loan for your business? We help you find the right financing for you no matter what.

Quick business loan

Increase your cachflow for renovation, hiring personell, expansion or anything else.

Real-estate financing

Buy real-estate or get additional capital on your real-estate to expand.

Project financing

Financing of new projects and investments to grow your business.

Inventory financing

Inventory financing in order to sell more and deliver faster.

Change loan

Change your loan to a better one that fits your need.

Gather loans into one

Gather all your loans to one lender or bank to get better terms.


Financing of business acquisition in various sizes and industires.



How can we help your with your business financing?

A major benefit with using Ponture for business financing is that you will receive your loan fast. A loan application takes less than a minute. We match your needs for our financing products and lenders.

Right financing for you, instantly!

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