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Calculated monthly payment

Calculated monthly payment
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Registered at the Swedish FSA(Finansinspektionen)


12 month grace period
Lets you get back on track before you start repaying the loan.


Up to 50% lower interest
Pay less expensive interest so that you can focus more on growing.


90% guaranteed by the EU 
Max 10% personal guarantee required because the loan is covered by the European Investment Fund

Benefits for you

No hidden fees

No early loan repayment penalty

Payed out the same day as contract signed

Guaranteed by the European Investment Fund

No start fee (ordinary fee: 1000 kr)

3rd-party personal guarantor is accepted

Even for sole traders and micro-entrepreneuers

Fixed monthly payment

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Ponture is a company which is a big help when it come to financing for instance bank contact, bank services and etc. Their business model is perfect for small businesses. Ponture gets a kickback from their lenders so for the customers it becomes completely free.

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(Text translated from Swedish)

Anton Bashmakov
Lavia AB